Rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai, look magnificent all year round, even when they are flooded by monsoon rains. But only during the harvest season, between the end of September and mid-October, is their beauty in its prime. Golden fields, which run along mountains and are highlighted by green forests, have become popular postcard pictures.

To can explore more about the landscape and culture of local in Mu Cang Chai, we recommend you 6 Things to do: 

1. Ride on Motorbike

If you have good health, you could choose travel to Mu Cang Chai by motorbike. There’s no better way to experience in there than riding a motorbike, because most of landscape is mountainous area and suitable to move by motorbike between villages. Riding on the winding passes, feel the free, the wind, see the overview of rice terraces, even offroad…or can stop anywhere you want...

However, since it was a motorbike adventure trip, you have to prepare for long rides on a motorbike so better bring along some muscle creams or patches to ease sore muscles. Carry light as much as possible but be sure to bring along windbreakers, face masks, glasses/sunglasses, gloves (optional).

If you don’t know to drive motorbike, don’t worry, you could sit back our guide, they’re skill driver and good guide. You could refer the Motorbike tour or Trekking Mu Cang Chai tours.

2. One day be a Farmer

Planting or Harvesting with local people in Mu Cang Chai. It’ll be unforgettable experience with most of travelers, you’ll understand the work and hard life of H’mong people.

3. Explore the Local Culture

Visit H’mong’s houses in Mu Cang Chai, explore their life, learn the traditional instrument or how to make clothes…

4. Playing with Children

Children in Mu Cang Chai are very friendly and lovely, they’ll be your guide to discovery the rice terraces, sing for you…They’re very different with children in Sapa or some tourist destinations, you won’t see the children following you and said “Money, money..” You’ll chance to play with real children, so fun.

5. Stay at Homestay

Leave the hotel or resort, let choose stay at homestay with ethnic people in Mu Cang Chai. You’re treated as family member with delicious dishes, local alcoholic drinks and cook with them.

To travel Mu Cang Chai, you could stay in Thai village, their still house is very clean and comfortable.

6. Visit Local Market

Don’t forget to visit the local market when you travel in Mu Cang Chai. There are various local food, special products and colorful custom of ethnic people, that you don’t see in the big city or in your country.

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