Mo waterfallMo waterfall as a white silk silver sparkling, soft stretch of about 3,000 meters. It was smooth as silk. Mo waterfall lies between Na Hang peak A and Na Hang B is located in Mo De commune in Mu Cang Chai. This is beautiful waterfall in Mu Cang Chai - one of must to see for tourist.

Walking about 30 minutes from Highway 32 on to the foot of the waterfall, sit on the floating rafts, visitors will feel like you are lost in the realm of Elysium. With long flowing waterfall transparent white foam roll, the bottom line is clear water, blue sky overhead is about the colorful flowers blooming forest.

Here guests will find the beauty of Mo fall as a colorful painting, pink flowers with white apricot, plum blossom, bright red flowers of wild banana, blue sky in the Northwest, in pure white extraction of water upstream, all will make you unforgettable. Rest for a while, visitors proceed to extraction point one floor, water flowing in spirals – is an ideal spot to enjoy a cool stream of water and can be used to force flow of cooling water – far Hands legs after a long walk.

To reach the extraction point 4 floors, guests continue to walk down by the falls Mo. First floor of 4-storey waterfall stretches point about 30 meters, the water pouring down from above as the diamond wire flowing makes people mesmerized by the spectacular natural landscape. The second floor spreading like a small lake white foam roll – this is the most ideal location for guests to feel powerful if their demands under the waterfall drop to relax. 3rd floor again knotted funnel-shaped mouth makes the scene truly magical, attractive hearts. 4th floor like a curtain in the magnificent palaces, poured from a height of 5 meters down.

This 4-story waterfall that point where the most impressive to visitors can save the image as a unique beauty to Mu Cang Chai. Stop in here it feels like spring rain was falling gently: water droplets flying man was so cool in front of the shock from above waterfall on the rocks, giving visitors a great feeling , all fatigue are melted away.

La Pan Tan La Pan Tan village La Pan Tan Terrace - Mu Cang Chai

Prior to its excellent location 4-storey waterfall, visitors will get a break on big rocks, square mat spread like, smooth, smooth and squeaky clean. Nature has created this place as accommodation for tourists can use snacks in our travels. During the journey to conquer Mo waterfall, visitors will encounter small caves can be avoided if having the rains wet highlands suddenly.

To Mo waterfall, visitors will feel the grandeur of peace, untouched by Highlander, fresh air, pure fragrance of the forest that vague, all will be unforgettable moments for a times come back many times to want more

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