Lim Mong villageLim Mong in  Cao Pha village, Mu Cang Chai district - Lin Mong is one of must visit in Mu Cang Chai - Yen Bai, Vietnam. Lin Mong has wonderful view of terrace and located on the side of Khau Pha  pass.

From Hanoi to follow Highway 32 to Tu Le, Tu Le past about 5km you will meet Lim Mong turns away. Lim Mong village with live cattle, live horses appear intertwined challenging. Dusty red dirt road in the sunny ripple loss of the dust, even on rainy days will be extremely slippery. The folded corners, steep will make you feel like you are slipping towards the foot of the slope even tuck vehicle 1 and the steering wheel was gong best. But the scenery along the way to an incredibly interesting, you’ll stupor before the incomparable beauty of the terraced rice fields – the fruits of her labor fantastic Mong people for a year. New rice sweet flavor as dry dispel the harsh sun. Long rice fields, laden with beads, green. Season rice transplanting is carried on the sleeve of a rich and prosperous.

Conversely perched upside path around the mountain approximately 3km, the Lim Mong appeared peaceful with original apricot, peach old winding stem with care so that odd shapes. Lim Mong to mean you have to arrive before the end, because from now onwards will no longer dreads, just the way the forest slash only. Lim Mong is the people, the people used to live freely where only the high mountains, where the intersection between heaven and earth.

La Pan Tan La Pan Tan village La Pan Tan Terrace - Mu Cang Chai

In the afternoon, Lim Mong became extraordinarily poetic and beautiful, especially during the harvest season. Tandem clouds pale pink reclining place horizon. The birds in the fields absorbed shiny, reaping immense. Sheer aesthetic picture that is colored by the green color of the rice yellow, hand labor of the day after month, year on year cumulative connections, distilled to create a peaceful life and prosperity.

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